About Us

The Foundation of Progressive Fitness

Repetitions Fitness is a spacious full service boutique fitness studio located in the heart of Stouffville. Using a multidisciplinary approach, we offer members a wide variety of services which include personal/semi-private training, various high-intensity fitness, dance, MMA, beginner and strength based classes. As such, we average about 45 classes per week ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Our services also include fitness challenges, assessments, nutritional counseling, meal planning, book clubs and movie screenings.

All of our training sessions are 30 minutes in length so our clients can reap the benefits of working to their maximum potential in shorter periods of time. 

The Cafe

After an exhausting workout, members can refuel at our full service healthy foods cafe located within our studio. We offer a wide variety of greens smoothies, cold-pressed juices and healthy snacks. Most of our snacks are vegan, free of gluten, soy, refined sugars and are non GMO.

We believe that when our members make serious commitments to intense exercise and maintain ‘clean’ eating habits, their bodies and self images change for the better. 

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